Moral Mayhem

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Group guide: week 4

Samson was the final and most violent judge. His life reflected the chaos around him. There are a lot of things Samson got wrong, but ultimately this story is intended to remind us of how unbelievable powerful Yahweh is! 

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Group Guide: Week 3

You think you want to be like everybody else. But everybody else takes their cues from everybody else. Being like everybody else just makes you average—worried, in debt, bored, and dissatisfied with what you have. If you knew that living like everybody else on the outside would leave you feeling like this on the inside, you would have done what you suspected was right in your heart instead of doing what was right in your own eyes.

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Group Guide: Week 2

The book of Judges shows us that when we do what we want, when we want, with whom we want, we ultimately end up exchanging one king for another. 



Judges 19-21 is a painfully tragic story about the human condition when everyone does what is right in his own eyes. It's a warning to remind us that when there is no binding moral consensus under God, everybody chooses their own moral compass.